Indiana Beach 2008

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May 25, 2008
Monticello IN

Because we didn’t end up going to Kentucky Kingdom on Saturday, Matt wanted to stop by on Sunday on our way to Indiana Beach since Louisville was on the way. We’d made plans to meet up with Danny and Patrick, but Rob and Melissa had another hard morning waking up so we didn’t make our deadline for Kentucky Kingdom. Actually, we all ended up being kind of late, then we found out that the Indy 500 was happening that day. This meant we were going to get in to some traffic as we drove through Indianapolis.

After gathering everything up and checking out we stopped across the street for gas and ran in to Brian while there. We talked about the nite before just before we parted ways, with Brian and his gang heading to Beech Bend, and me and my gang heading to Indiana Beach. The drive was long, though it was interstate most of the way. We took the beltway around Indianapolis so as to avoid any Indy 500 traffic, but we did see the DirecTV blimp circling around as we drove past.

After almost 6 hours of driving we arrived at Indiana Beach. We only had about 4 hours, but that would be just enough time to have some fun at the park. This was another park that offered discounts for coaster enthusiasts, so I got in for almost half price once again thanks to Matt. Once we paid and took some pictures we headed out on the bridge to the park. You get a great view of Indiana Beach from here and I loved what I saw. We kept stopping and taking pictures as Matt talked to Craig on the phone. Then we finally made our way into the park. Our first stop was going to be the Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain, however, the line was quite long, they were only running 1 train, and the ride was down when we got in line anyways.

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