New York City & Coney Island 2009

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June 20, 2009
New York NY

Though I had wanted to wake up early and get into the city early, that didn’t happen. But Matt and I did wake up and head out around 9:00 AM to be greeted by gloom, clouds, and precipitation. The drive from Pottstown to Trenton was just over an hour. I was trying to pay attention as I would be driving most of the same roads to Jackson, NJ for Six Flags a few days later, but the roads were very confusing. And expensive with all of the tolls.

We finally arrived at the train stop in Trenton and met up with Bubba and Steff. Once we got our tickets we headed out to the already waiting train, which left at 11:40 AM. I had this totally stereotypical vision of what riding on a train into the city would be like. For some reason, maybe because my last real exposure to NYC was in the early 80’s, I always imagine transportation and such into the city as being straight out of the 80’s. Surprisingly, what I had envisioned in my mind was SO close to what it was actually like. It was scary how close the interior of the train matched what I’d imagined.

But the train ride in was a lot of fun. I hadn’t been on a real train in a long time, and don’t remember the conductor actually coming and collecting tickets the last time I was on Amtrak. After a little more than an hour we arrived at Penn Station. Our first stop was the closest restroom. It was old and run down, and very typical of what I imagined NYC’s public restrooms to be like. I also had my first weird New York moment. I was waiting for a stall to open, and eventually a door opened to a stall beside me and a short middle aged woman came running out and hurried out of the restrooms. There was a line for the Women’s room, but I’m not sure I’d have done that if I were her…

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