Six Flags Great Adventure 2010

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September 5, 2010
Jackson NJ

Monday morning sure seemed a lot like Sunday morning. We headed out early from the Crowne Plaza and drove to Six Flags Great Adventure. I really had nothing on the agenda today other than to try and ride Kingda Ka as it was down the entire day when I was at the park last year. We arrived just after opening. I saw Ka testing, so I was excited. We headed into the park and met up with Ken over by Ka, but unfortunately the ride was down once we arrived. There wasn’t much of a line, but they had the queue closed off.

So we waited. We stood in the shade by the ride’s entrance. Monday was a little warmer than the rest of the weekend, but it was still nice with a breeze. After waiting maybe 15 minutes the ride opened and started launching riders. All three of us got in line for the front row, and since Matt and I rode together first when we got off I was able to just switch to the right side of the train and ride with Ken. I had wanted to ride this to compare it to Top Thrill Dragster since it opened. Dragster is a fun ride and only has a lap bar, but Ka had shoulder harnesses. I was adamant when the ride was built that they wouldn’t make much difference, but people had complained ever since. Now I saw why.

Kingda KaThe launch was no different from Dragster’s launch, but the shoulder restraints felt terrible as you’re launched forward and up the top-hat. The actual ascent feels much the same as Dragster, and going over the top I never felt the magnetic brakes slow us down on the way over. It was interesting to ride this one without having glasses on and being able to see. The downward spiral really hurt my shoulders both times that I rode, and the hill afterwards was more pain, less fun. I was glad it was over the first time, and even happier it was over the 2nd time. I don’t see me riding this many times on future visits.

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Six Flags Great Adventure 2009

09SFGAdBanner.jpgSix Flags Great Adventure | Photos | Videos

June 24, 2009
Jackson NJ

I was kind of bummed that I didn’t get to spend the day in Philly on Monday, but the one park I was looking forward to the most was Great Adventure and that was my game plan for Tuesday. I was nervous because the road to Jackson was a bit confusing and the tolls expensive. My GPS gave me different directions than Matt had, which compounded the confusion as well. So I called Matt a few times to make sure I was at the right place, and in just over an hour I was turning in to the park. This was a huge area, with the water park and wild safari available as well, but I headed in to the parking lot to the theme park, parked, and headed to the gate, season pass in hand.

All of the coasters that I could see were testing except for Kingda Ka, which just happened to be the Tallest, Fastest coaster in the world at the time. But whatever. I wanted to ride it, but I was here for other coasters. The front gate for Great Adventure was nice and well landscaped. I went thru the turnstiles and in to the park. The entry plaza was huge. I knew this park was notorious for getting packed. I was worried because there were already a lot of cars in the lot.

Once inside I headed to the left and made it to the ropes. The park opened at 10:00 AM, but the rides start to open at 10:30. I think they should have had an opening ceremony like Six Flags America. That would have helped pass the time better. Promptly at 10:30, though, the ropes dropped and off the bulls ran. My first stop was Superman.

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