Chicago 2014 Day 1

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August 29, 2014
Chicago IL

Chicago. Fifteen years prior I’d spent 8 days in Chicago on a school trip just after I’d graduated and loved it. I’d wanted to go back ever since. And I had lots of plans, most of which didn’t realize on this trip, but there’s always next time. The trip, as usual, was different than I’d originally planned, but it all came out in the wash.

On Friday, August 29, 2014 I was graduating from 2 months of training at NC’s Justice Academy to be an actual Real Life Drivers License Examiner. It was a corny ceremony that I wasn’t in any way excited about and I just wanted it to be over so that I could leave, but I said goodbye to all the new friends I’d made and eventually made my way up to RDU, which was closer to fly out of than CLT based on where I’d been staying for the past 7 weeks.

That evening I arrived in Chicago and met up with Jay Miller at ORD, and we took off towards our hotel after picking up our rental car. It was actually pretty cheap to fly in and stay in the suburbs on Labor Day weekend, which was incentive for Jay to join me on the trip. Once we checked in we decided to head into the city for dinner and to explore. So we drove to the local train station in Lombard where we were staying, and hopped on. I love public transportation. There needs to be more of it.

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