Gatlinburg 2006

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December 15, 2006
Gatlinburg & Pigeon Forge TN

It was that time of year again. Time to suit up in my warmest winter attire, pack up the Xterra, and head to Tennessee for a weekend of coaster riding. I took Friday off from work so that I could get a head start and meet up with some friends who were visiting the area during the same time period I was, and since I hadn’t seen them since a new addition to the family I was excited to spend the evening with friends.

I waited till Friday morning to pack as I knew I wouldn’t need much and knew what I was going to take with me. But during packing somehow I hurt my back. After a week of headaches and now a back ache I took some Aspirin that never really kicked in. I left the house around 10 AM. As prepared as I was, the warm winter attire was definitely not needed as there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun was out in full force. Weather for the weekend was calling for highs of 66° and lows of 50°, but it was at least 70° by this point.

The drive was about 4 hours, with traffic upon arrival to Pigeon Forge not as bad as I’d expected. I had called Daniella and made plans to meet up with her family at an arcade in Gatlinburg but they called and said they were heading somewhere else as the price vs. fun factor wasn’t worth it. After a couple more failed attempts, we decided to hit up Obër Gatlinburg, which I’d never been to. So I told them I’d park by the Hard Rock Café since I had dinner plans there for the evening, and then walk up to meet them.

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