Janet Jackson All For You Tour Washington DC 2001

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August 16, 2001
Washington, DC
All For You World Tour 2001
Capital One Arena

I had really wanted to see Janet during the Velvet Rope world tour in the late 90s but alas, it was never meant to be. At the time I made my friend Jamaal promise he’d go with me to see her the next time she went on tour. Well, that was around 2 years before Janet finished work on the album All For You. I was kept at bay with her duets with Busta Rhymes, Blackstreet, Shaggy, and a starring role in the Nutty Professor Movie (with a Janet song on the Soundtrack even). But I’ll never forget when I heard her first single off the album, the title track, for the first time.

I was still living at home that March and rushed home from work one nite because I knew the that the song was being released to radio that day. I figured I’d use Napster to get the song (R.I.P. Napster) and was so excited to finally hear it! I couldn’t wait to get the album, and in April it came, with funk and dance beats galore. In fact, the album came out on the day that I was moving out of my home, and my friends bought it for me as my going away gift to listen to on the way to my new destination.

Since I was moving I knew that I’d be living near Washington, D.C., and Janet would most definitely perform there, so once the tour was announced I found out when (August 16, 2001) and where (MCI Center, now the Capital One Arena, Washington, D.C.) and ticket Info. The tickets left on TicketMaster were sucky, so I went to another good source: eBay. I found decent tickets for a price I won’t mention here, and made the transaction. Couldn’t be happier! Jamaal said he would come visit me, and we decided to make a mini-vacation out of it.

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