Beech Bend 2008

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May 23, 2008
Bowling Green KY

Ever since their newest coaster debuted, I’d wanted to go to Holiday World for their Holiwood Nights coaster enthusiast event in Indiana. My friend Matt gave it the name after a couple years off from their previous event, which I never go to go to, and lots of people I know make trip for the event. It had been held on Memorial Day weekend the first couple of years, which knocked me out of going.

In 2008 I was determined to go. I made plans to go months ahead of time. I’d never been to Holiday World. On May 23, 2008 I woke up around 4:30 AM, got ready, and headed to the Midwest for some hot coaster action. The drive from home to Louisville was about 6 hours. I’d stopped in Beckley WV to gas up and get a snack. Then around 11:00 AM I was pulling into the Louisville International Airport to pick up my traveling partners. Matt, Rob, Dan, and Melissa flew in from Philly and I would be driving them around as they accompanied and guided me into parts unknown for the weekend. As soon as we said hello and after I was introduced to Dan and Melissa, we got in the car and headed south to Bowling Green, Kentucky.

The drive to Bowling Green was about 2 hours. We stopped once we got off of the interstate at a Hardees for a quick bite and bathroom break. Then we headed to our first park, Beech Bend. After arriving at the small park, which just happens to be situated right in the middle of nowhere, we parked in the grassy parking lot and headed in. Matt had an American Coaster Enthusiast card which got us in for half price, so I scored on a POP bracelet. The park was really quirky with lots of portable rides set up around a large field with rolling hills and a pond, up from a drag racing strip. But they had a new highly rated wooden coaster, and my traveling buddies who had been said it was a quaint park with good rides.

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