Myrtle Beach 1999

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June 9-13, 1999
Senior Week ’99
Myrtle Beach South Carolina

On Friday, June 4, 1999, I finished my high school career at Mt. View High School by graduating 69th out of a class of around 300. It was a very hectic week. Since I was in the Art Honor Society, as well as on the Project Graduation Committee, I had a lot of work to do to get ready for the party after graduation, and was one of the only Seniors allowed at the school for the entire week. Unfortunately, the telemarketing firm I was working for abruptly closed in the middle of the week, so I was out of a job and getting ready to go on vacation, all on top of graduation, one of the biggest life events for anyone.

This left me in an odd position. I had originally planned to go to Myrtle Beach for the latter part of Senior Week ’99 as I was not able to get off of work until Wednesday. But now I had the entire week (and longer) off, but with no reservations until Wednsday. Should I try to go earlier? Stay home and enjoy some down time? Ultimately I decided to be lazy at home for the first part of the week.

By Wednesday I was getting excited. This was my first trip to the beach without my family. I was finally 18 and going on vacation by myself! My aunt & uncle were planning to visit North Carolina and also leaving on Wednesday morning, so my plan was to follow them down as far as Salisbury, then head the rest of the way by myself. So around 8 am Wednsday morning I packed my car to head south towards the beach, an 8 hr trip from home. Unfortunately, my aunt & uncle were running way behind, so I made the command decision to head down by myself. I’m still very proud of myself for getting there safe and sound and only getting slightly off course in Columbia, SC.

I arrived in Myrtle Beach around 5 pm and checked into my room. I stayed at a small motel by myself called the Chip Inn, right beside one of the amusement parks in the area. On Tuesday I had called some friends of mine that were at the beach already, so after getting checked in and cleaned up I headed to their hotel down the street. Sara, Nick, and Dorthy were happy I had arrived since I had my own car. Though they drove down,they were forbidden to drive their parent’s truck once they arrived. I headed to their motel to pick them up before we went to Broadway at The Beach for a few hours of shopping, eating, and hanging out. While we were there, we checked out Ripley’s Aquarium, one of the more interactive aquariums I’d been to. The rest of that evening, we cruised down Ocean Blvd. before going back to their motel rooms for some much needed rest. Eventually I made my way back to my room.

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