Kennywood 2005


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June 22, 2005
Pittsburg PA

Kennywood is one of my favorite parks. It has one of my favorite coasters, good food, and was reasonably close to where I lived in West Virginia in 2005. But my only prior visit had been in October of 2003 and only for 3 hours, meaning I only had a chance to ride the coasters once and nothing else. I’d been wanting to get back ever since. Because of West Virginia Day, I would be off for 4 days in a row, so I took the chance to head to Kennywood.

I worked Sunday nite, got home just after 7 AM, and tried to take a nap. My brother and sister had sent their kids to stay with us for the week, which was another bonus reason for me to leave. Since they were coming down here, I went up to where they live to visit.  So I left that evening and headed to my grandmother’s home in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia, where I’d lived for quite some time. I arrived around 10 PM, tired and ready to settle in.

The next morning I woke up early, went for breakfast and to visit some friends, then to visit more friends at a restaurant where I used to work, then back for a nap. That evening, among other things, we met up with friends of ours for basketball and tennis. I wanted to sleep till 7 AM the next morning but because my sleeping schedule was out of whack I was up at 6 AM instead, so I decided to go ahead and leave, getting out of town around 7. The trip to Kennywood was around 3 hours. My morning didn’t go so well.  There were some issues with my ATM card and I had only limited cash on me. Then it stormed the entire way to Morgantown. I almost had an accident at an intersection as well.

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