Bahamas Cruise 2009

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September 20-24, 2009

Day 1

Sunday morning we woke up, got all of our things together and packed into the car, checked out, headed out into the extreme heat, cranked the a.c. in the car up, and headed due east. The ride to Port Canaveral wasn’t very long, but it was very flat and mostly boring until we hit the coast. Upon arrival at Port Canaveral we headed over into town in search of a drug store and breakfast, eventually heading into a BiLo to get supplies. Breakfast was a few moments later at Dunkin’ Doughnuts. Port Canaveral was a very charming little coastal town from what I saw of it, and I’d love to go back and watch a rocket launch some day.

We headed over to port, dropped off our luggage, and parked. It was only around 11 AM and we couldn’t head to our rooms until later, so after checking in we sat on the Lido deck and had lunch and drinks. I had a burger and fries as oldies played over the speaker. Once we could go to the room I headed down and took what few things I had to drop them off. Then I laid around until we got called to our Muster station for the drill.

Once we arrived at our Muster station we received instructions and headed to the life boats. At this point, the boat was moving out of the docking area. I’d left my camera in the room so I wasn’t able to take pictures, but once we were finished, I headed to the room, grabbed the camera, and headed up with my family to the highest point on the front of the ship to watch as we headed out to the open sea. People waved from the beach at Port Canaveral. Once we were out in the open ocean we headed back to our rooms to get ready for dinner. I had to take a shirt to my parent’s room so that we could use the steamer on it, as I didn’t want to be wrinkly for my first evening.
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