Quassy & Lake Compounce 2010

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September 4, 2010
Middlebury & Bristol CT

I slept better Saturday nite than I had on Friday. I’m not sure about Matt, but I was having allergy/sinus issues, so I snored pretty badly. On Sunday morning we got up and headed out, leaving our room at La Quinta behind. Our first stop of the day was Dunkin’ Doughnuts for breakfast. What is up with New England? They don’t keep chocolate cream filled doughnuts all year round, they’re only seasonal. Whatever.

Breakfast was still good, though, even if I settled for Bavarian cream. Matt learned not to call the cashier a Yankee, even if she tried to take his $10. Then it was thru the back roads of Connecticut and off to Quassy. We arrived at the park after 11 AM and families were already pouring in. My first thought was that it reminded me of a nicer Camden park. Walking around, though, it reminded me more of a smaller Beech Bend.

We walked over by the Mad Mouse but decided first to walk around so I could take some pictures. The park was very nice, and we walked all around snapping pictures. I was going to ride the kiddie coaster, but ended up skipping it. One thing I liked was that they had a ticket machine back by the carousel, so we got 2 tickets and headed back towards the coaster. This would be its last year here, so it was our chance to check a rare ride out.

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