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June 21, 2009
Hershey PA

Because we got back so late from NYC, we decided to sleep later and get to HERSHEYPARK around noon or a little later. On Sunday morning we got up, got ready, and headed 90 minutes to Hershey, PA. I’d actually been thru Hershey once, and drove by the park with my brother, but had never actually been to the park, so I was excited. The drive was longer that I’d have liked, but we stopped for food at Sheetz and then fueled up about 20 miles from Hershey.

It’s interesting to drive along the Pennsylvania countryside and see rolling hills, then see the park and the town in the distance. Hershey is a quaint little town, and I’d love to get the opportunity to go and walk around town in the future. Once we arrived and turned into the park, we drove around a good 15 minutes to try and find parking. The lot was FULL of cars. I know this park has a reputation of always being busy, but would that translate into long waits?

We walked by Chocolate World and Matt said if I wanted to do it we should do it now since it would likely be closed when we left, but I decided against it since I was itching to go into the park and start riding. I wanted to do Chocolate World, but it wasn’t the priority.

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