Canada 2019 Day 2

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May 5, 2019
Vaughn ON

Instead of getting to Canada’s Wonderland early on Sunday morning, which just happened to be the first open operating day of the year, I decided that I’d sleep a bit and then head out. I was already planning on getting a Fast Lane+, so I wasn’t that worried. I could have gotten there an hour early and gotten ERT for passholders, but, again, late nite, vacation, and Fast Lane+. So I arrived in the area around noon instead, and headed to a McDonald’s for a quick bite before heading in.

Canada’s Wonderland is a great park. Beautiful once you’re through the gate. But very obviously packed. I’d purchased Fast Lane online so after a quick restroom (sorry, washroom, because we’re in Canada) stop I traded in my digital voucher and got my wristband. Then it was off to my first destination for the morning, the country’s tallest, fastest coaster, and cousin to a really fun ride just down the road from me. I was excited to see the plaza for the ride because I’d seen pictures of how awesome the sign looked since it was installed. I got in line for the front row and ended up riding with 2 local enthusiasts.

Leviathan (385)-The first drop is very much what Fury’s first drop was inspired by, and very similar. I liked the tunnel at the bottom. Then you hit the first turn, and a couple of great floater airtime hills, then the far turn around, before you hit the next couple of airtime hills, then the over-banked turn before you hop up into the brakes. The ride is fast, with a lot of floating airtime and some flojector air as well. Fury is definitely the next evolution of the ride, and I’m excited to see what the next incarnation of a B&M giga coaster is like.

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Geauga Lake 2007

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June 17, 2007
Aurora OH
Final Season

Another summer, another coaster trip planned. I’d decided that with the purchase of the 5 former Paramount Parks by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, and with a Maxx Pass from Carowinds costing around $80 I could easily visit all three big parks in Ohio. I was looking forward to a re-tracked Villain, Maverick, Wild Cat, and Italian Job: Stunt Track. So I requested off work and planned months ahead of time. I decided to take my vacation during the week of a paid holiday and head to Ohio. I didn’t know it at the time, but this would be my last visit to Geauga Lake, as the park would announce it’s closing a few months later, with the water park continuing on for a couple more years.

Already in Charleston WV for the weekend, I drove to Macedonia, OH on Sunday evening. Arriving around 8:30 PM, I checked into the motel, showered, changed clothes, and headed to Cleveland. I’d never been to Cleveland proper before and I must say it was nice. I didn’t have very good directions to where I was going and made a wrong turn on the way, but eventually I made it back to the room after a fun evening. The next morning I packed up, checked out, and headed to Walmart for disposable cameras & a bottle of water, and then to Geauga Lake.

I liked Geauga Lake. It was a pleasant, clean, and very un-crowded park, although that isn’t the best for business. Arriving at the gate I showed Guest Services my season pass, and headed in. Two major coasters had been removed since my last visit. I’d hope to see what the track work done on Villain had done to one one of my favorite wooden coasters, so that was where I headed first.

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