Paramount’s Kings Dominion 2002

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June 17, 2002
Doswell VA

It had been about a decade since my last visit to Kings Dominion.  When I was younger, my extended family would go during the summer when we were visiting my grandparents, who lived closer than we did. Some of my brother’s friends were going, so we were supposed to go with them, but he flaked out last minute. I really wanted to go and ride their newest coaster, Hypersonic XLC. At this point in life I was really starting to get into coasters and parks as the internet had introduced me to a whole new community. Eventually I decided I would drive down myself during the week for a day.

So after a weeks delay in my plans I headed south on Monday June 17 for a day at the park. The ride to Doswell, VA was LONG and BORING, but an easy one mostly consisting of interstate. After getting lost in Richmond, turned around, and back on the right track, I found myself on Interstate 95 only a few short miles to PKD. There is a large sign right by the interstate marking Kings Dominion so that you know to get off on the next exit. The park is kind of in the middle of no-where, with a few factories and gas stations near it.

I arrived around 11am, paid to park, and found a close spot near the entrance. After getting my backpack and heading towards the main gate I was happy to see that the whether was very mild, and of course since it was a Monday the crowd was very light.  While making my way to the front entrance 3 people around my age stopped me to ask if I had purchased a ticket yet, to which I replied no. They had an extra ticket since a friend dropped out of going and asked if I wanted to buy it for $20, which is half of what I would normally have had to pay to get into the park. Score!

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Janet Jackson All For You Tour Washington DC 2001

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August 16, 2001
Washington, DC
All For You World Tour 2001
Capital One Arena

I had really wanted to see Janet during the Velvet Rope world tour in the late 90s but alas, it was never meant to be. At the time I made my friend Jamaal promise he’d go with me to see her the next time she went on tour. Well, that was around 2 years before Janet finished work on the album All For You. I was kept at bay with her duets with Busta Rhymes, Blackstreet, Shaggy, and a starring role in the Nutty Professor Movie (with a Janet song on the Soundtrack even). But I’ll never forget when I heard her first single off the album, the title track, for the first time.

I was still living at home that March and rushed home from work one nite because I knew the that the song was being released to radio that day. I figured I’d use Napster to get the song (R.I.P. Napster) and was so excited to finally hear it! I couldn’t wait to get the album, and in April it came, with funk and dance beats galore. In fact, the album came out on the day that I was moving out of my home, and my friends bought it for me as my going away gift to listen to on the way to my new destination.

Since I was moving I knew that I’d be living near Washington, D.C., and Janet would most definitely perform there, so once the tour was announced I found out when (August 16, 2001) and where (MCI Center, now the Capital One Arena, Washington, D.C.) and ticket Info. The tickets left on TicketMaster were sucky, so I went to another good source: eBay. I found decent tickets for a price I won’t mention here, and made the transaction. Couldn’t be happier! Jamaal said he would come visit me, and we decided to make a mini-vacation out of it.

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