Midwest 2021 Day 3

Silver Dollar City | Photos | Videos

May 31, 2021
Branson MO

This was the day I was most excited about for the entire trip. I’d always wanted to go to Silver Dollar City. Many people say it is better than Dollywood, and I love Dollywood. Since they’re both Herschend properties, I was excited, to say the least. I woke up early and headed to Walmart to buy a tooth brush since I’d forgotten to bring mine, and I was making due with mouth wash, but no more. I also picked up another SD Card, and this one had no issues. But not before I went to a breakfast place in Branson, though not much was opened on Memorial Day. The eggs benedict was good, service was fast, and I was finished quickly.

SDC wasn’t very far from where I stayed. I drove a little through Branson, which felt like if Pigeon Forge & Asheville had a baby, and then over by the park. But I was super early. So I drove around by the lake before going back to the park. Imagine my surprise when I found out parking was free! I parked in an open spot near the exit and headed down to the tram that was soon to leave, all with coasters dotting the background.

I had purchased the Trail Blazer Extra pass that allowed unlimited resides on select popular rides, and one ride on the new rapids ride without waiting long. We arrived at the front plaza an already I loved that it was quaint and felt small and enclosed. I picked up my ticket and lanyard, made a quick restroom stop, and then headed over in to the park. It was very early, but I was able to head over to the rope that would eventually lead me to my first ride. The park was just absolutely beautiful. Very wooded walkways. I loved it.

Once they performed the pledge of allegiance and star spangled banner, the ropes dropped and I headed down the rather large hill towards my first coaster of the day…

Or so I thought. I’d headed down to Outlaw Run to see if I could fit on an RMC, but even though it was testing, it wasn’t opened. So I rode the Barn Swing next. I was able to fit, and I and 2 others got the first ride of the day. I love Screaming Swings. This one was fun. Then I walked back over to Outlaw Run, but still nothing. It may or may not open I was told. Okay. Well. I had a skip the line pass and there were other lines to skip. So I headed down by the new rapids ride, which looked great. So I went over to the park’s newest coaster, but just as I was getting in line, the ride shut down. Wow. I hoped this wouldn’t be my whole day. So instead I got in line for the park’s mine train before realizing that there was a Trail Blazer entrance, which I found and got in for a much shorter wait.

Silver Dollar City 2021

Thunderation (413)- This was such a fun ride. Yes, its mostly helixes, but you pick up more and more speed as you careen and swoop over the edge of the hillside. It wasn’t rough, picked up a lot of speed, and had super fun laterals. And I didn’t have to wait so long.

Okay, so the other ride had reopened. I got in the Trail Blazer line and eventually was paired with another rider before heading up to the station to have my mind absolutely blown.

Time Traveler (414)- Wow. This Mack spinning launched coaster was the best ride of the trip, and thats saying something as I’d been very impressed with so many rides. The ride drops off of the station vertically as you spin. For my first ride I was facing forward, which meant I was spun around backwards for the first vertical drop, and it was great. Then you fly up into the first inversion, followed by twists and turns all while spinning. Next you’re launched into an overbanked turn that leads to a vertical loop, then a corkscrew hill, some low turns, and a corkscrew. Then another launch into another inversion and hill before hitting the brake run. Wow! This ride had everything I liked and more. The spinning wasn’t nauseating, the launches were fun, and the airtime was perfect.

I wanted to ride Powder Keg, a ride I had been interested in since it was announced. It was now a launched coaster that began life as a water coaster initially built by Premier Rides, but rebuilt by S&S, and I love an S&S compressed air launch. I headed to the plaza with the Powder Keg entrance just as the ride was shutting down and emptying out. The ride was down. I sat near the launch section for a bit to see if it would come back up, but it did not, and after a while I decided to go find something else to ride.

Silver Dollar City 2021

I knew that the park had 2 originals that were also at Dollywood, even though one of them at Dollywood had been removed before my first visit. So I decided to find those next before heading out to larger coasters. On my way I passed by a stall selling large chocolate chip cookies, so I stopped to pick one up. Then I got in line for a Silver Dollar City original.

Fire in the Hole (415)- Nearly identical to the one at Dollywood, which I always give a spin or two when I’m there. A couple of the scenes seemed a little different and the ride still had a splash down at the end with water, something that Dollywood no longer has. Overall it was fun comparing the two.

The park’s app was good at checking if rides were open and using as a map to get to attractions. As I made my way to my next destination There was another ride that I’d never gotten to ride at Dollywood before it was removed so I decided to check out the Flooded Mine ride, the park’s dark ride shooter. It was fun floating through the flooded ‘mine’ in search of escaped convicts, or gold, or whatever it was I was shooting at.

After that I wandered through the park some more, making sure to get a loaf of cinnamon bread on the way that I ate a bit of while resting near Mystic River Falls. I had walked through Fireman’s Landing around this time as well. It was very well done, and I toyed with riding the shot tower they had, but ultimately didn’t as I didn’t know if I could fit. But I knew I could fit on the park’s B&M, so I walked over there next. The entrance was a little hard to follow as there were two rides with the same general entrance, but eventually I found my way. I just wish  I’d taken more photos.

Wildfire (416)- I was assigned the front row, but I didn’t think I would fit, so they had me stand to the side and wait on the next train so I could sit in row 6. Wildfire was a lot of fun. The placement is beautiful, and I really wish I had gotten more (non-overexposed) photos from the deck by the layout as it really is impressive. The first drop was great followed by a barrage of inversions and small hills all on the side of the mountain.

Silver Dollar City 2021

I walked back by the Fireman themed area and over by Outlaw Run to see if it was testing. It was not. But Powder Keg was listed as up and running, so I hurriedly fast walked over to get my ride. I’d waited for this for years.

Powder Keg (417)- Once again, would I fit? Yes. But just barely. It was uncomfortable and I had a harder time breathing until the launch. I rode near the back. You roll out to a track section and then theres an incline lift sideways up to the launch track. Then you launch. And man, what a launch. I love the S&S launches. It was so powerful. Then you get the most amazing violent ejector air on the first hill, then you drop, then another hill and turn, and then an overbanked turn. Then you hit another hill hard (wonderfully hard), then some turns all the way to the mid course brake run that leads to the lift hill. The drop off the lift leads up into a downward helix before hitting the final brakes. I had to catch my breath. Then I really wanted the restraint off because it was uncomfortable.

After Powder Keg I walked over towards the Grand Exposition area of the park. I wasn’t planning on riding the coaster there, though I probably could have. The area was really well done, and there were several cute flats, but I didn’t ride any of them. Not even the Disc-O. As I wandered around I checked the app and lo and behold, Outlaw Run was now running! So I huffed it over to get my credit. Or, at least to see if I would fit.

Outlaw Run (418)- I got in, sat down, pulled the lap bar down, and immediately knew I’d fit. They came over to check and pushed it down a little more to get it where it needed to go and eventually we were off. After the lift you dip, turn, and then drop down a nearly vertical drop that was amazing. You fly and dive. Twist and turn. Hit a fan turn. Feel nearly ejected with all of the ejector airtime. Flip upside down a bit. Then end with a double barrel roll into the brakes. Wow. I love RMC coasters, and this one was amazing.

Silver Dollar City 2021

It was warm enough that I decided to rent a locker and get wet. I could skip the line once on Mystic River Falls, so I figured there was no time like then to ride that and any other water rides I was interested in. So I threw my stuff in a locker and headed to the Trail Blazer line.

Mystic River Falls- I admit, the elevator lift made me nervous. I had a fun family that I got to ride with. Mystic River Falls had a great big drop that got you wet, but the course was pretty fun too. Lots of twists and turns and waterfalls. I got drenched.

So since I’d already gotten so wet, I decided to ride the park’s splash battle. I love those kinds of rides, but never got the opportunity to ride the one at Dollywood. There weren’t many people riding, but I had fun shooting water at the ones that were, as well as the onlookers at Tom & Huck’s Riverblast. Such a fun time. So I decided to try and dry off with another amazing ride on Time Traveler. This time I started the ride facing backwards. I loved this ride. Absolutely amazing.

A friend had texted to tell me to not miss the Marvel Cave tour, so even though I was wet and I knew it would be cold, the last tour was at 3:30 and it was nearing that time, so I made my way to the front of the park and was the last person that was added. Unfortunately, though, they could only give a half tour as part of the cave was flooded.

Marvel Cave was beautiful. you head down into the woods and down some steep stairs and into the cave opening. They talked about the endangered bats, and we were able to see several flying around. Then we headed down into the Cathedral room. It was breathtaking from up top and at the bottom. Absolutely beautiful. Afterwards we headed into the next room, the shoe room. They went over a lot of the history of the cave and that room. Unfortunately, that was as far as we could go, so we turned around and headed back. All the way up the ramps and steps. I actually did much better climbing all of those steps that I thought I would, and was glad I was able to go into the cave. Next time I’ll hope for a full tour.

I was going to ride Wildfire again, but for some reason skipped it. I should have ridden. But I did get a second amazing ride on Outlaw Run before getting my final amazing ride on Time Traveler. Then I decided to call it a day. I was tired and had a drive to Kansas City. So I headed to the front gate, caught a tram, got in the car, and headed towards Kansas City. I made a stop at Cane’s for my first time. The chicken was okay. The sauce was amazing. I didn’t know how my hotel would be for the nite after the previous nite. The pictures looked good, but reviews were mixed. Thankfully it was a nice, clean, comfortable room. I was very happy with it. And since it was across the boarder in Kansas, I was able to add another state to my list of visited states.

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