Canada 2019 Day 3

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May 6, 2019
Toronto ON

I decided that for this vacation, as I was on my own, I wouldn’t bother with making every day an early day. I intended on sleeping in and then taking a more leisurely pace doing whatever I wanted. So on Monday morning I woke up around noon-ish, took my time getting ready, and headed for a very late breakfast at the closest Tim Hortons I could find. This was finally my first Tim Horton’s experience. And it was good.

Admittedly it was a little later in the day than I’d have liked to be getting started, but I needed to sleep in. I headed towards the first thing I’d always wanted to do in Toronto, the CN Tower. Getting in to the city and finding parking near CN Tower was easy enough. Once I was parked I headed out with my back pack and walked to the tower. As I was heading through security I noticed that some of my things had fallen out of the front pocket of my nap sack. I put it back in and was getting ready to go through security when an employee pointed out that the nose spray I’d just put back in the front pocket had fallen out. That’s when I realized I had a hole in my front pocket. Then a sudden wave of worry fell over me, as that was where I tended to keep my wallet and passport. After taking inventory on all of my items, the only thing that I lost without knowing where it was is an extra battery for my camera, but thankfully I had 3 more.

After making my way through security and getting my ticket I headed towards the elevator up the tower. I was the only non-employee on the elevator which, much to my horror, had a glass bottom. I don’t like glass bottoms on tall buildings, usually doing all I can to avoid them. But that wasn’t an option this time. I was glad to step off of the elevator near the top.

Toronto 2019

The observation levels on the CN Tower are around the same height as the ones on the Skytree in Tokyo. I made my way around several times, often stopping to see planes take off and land at the nearby airport, snapping plenty of photos, and enjoying the view. One thing I did this time that I’d never done at any other super tall building was pay the extra money to go to the higher observation deck. So after checking out the main enclosed deck for a while I went up even further.

This was different. I could feel the building sway this high up, which took some getting used to. I took several more photos and checked out the displays before making my way back down. Then I headed to the outdoor observation deck. It was windy and cold, so I took one lap around and some pictures before calling it a day and heading back down. I did, however, face my fears and walked across the glass floor. Twice. I even took video. I had to take the video as I refused to look down. Soon enough I headed down the tower and onto the streets of Toronto, but not before stopping in the gift shop to pick up a miniature CN Tower. There is an old train depot/roundhouse beside CN Tower that now serves as a museum/shopping/dining district. I took some pictures and just sat down there for a while.

Then I started walking around exploring Toronto. Apparently there was a Blue Jays game that evening as people were lining up to be let in. I toyed with getting a ticket, but decided against it. Soon enough I was hungry and it was dinner time. I made my way down to the harbor and found Amsterdam Brewery for dinner, where I finally had some local Canadian beer and poutine, and it was good. As it was starting to get late the sun was hanging low. I walked along the waterfront for quite a while, eventually heading back to the parking deck where my car was. I decided to take it easy for the evening and turn in early.

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Toronto 2019

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