Kings Dominion 2017

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April 15, 2017
Richmond VA

Saturday morning we woke up and headed north to Kings Dominion. It was much, much easier to get to the park than it was to Busch Gardens the day before. After getting Blake’s pass processed and in to the park the rides started to run. We headed to Volcano first. I knew that this ride would have a ridiculous line later so we went ahead and got in the 20 or so minute line and rode in the front. I still love Volcano. I always think of how much my friend Matthew vocally hated the ride when I’m on it.

Anyways, the launch is really powerful and I love launching back up thru the mountain. I do, however miss the Haunted River, Time Shaft, and Mt. Kilimanjaro. Next was a quick spin on Flight of Fear. Again, the line for this got rather large thru out the day. It was running well. Then we went over to Intimidator 305, again, another amazing ride. I love I305. It has great air and laterals, and speed to die for.

Its actually kind of hard to write a report for Kings Dominion. I don’t know why, but it just feels generic to me. I never used to feel that way, but it does feel that way after a few years of going often. Don’t get me wrong, it has a lot of great rides. But it just doesn’t have an ‘it’ factor for me any more. After I305 we got some Panda Express. Then we went to the top of the Eiffel. I don’t’ know why, usually I have no issues, but today I was terrified of being up there. We didn’t stay long.


Next we headed back to Grizzly. It was running really well (I do love me some Grizzly, it’s consistent), and as we were dispatching, Isaac saw Rob Willi in line. Once we got back in the station, we waited for him at the exit and hung out with him and the kids for a bit. The first thing we did as a group was the log flume, before heading over to the Drop Tower. I’m still afraid of Drop Towers, but its getting better.

The longest wait we had all day was for Ricochet, which tends to have a decent line. Rob and Co. headed to some other things in the park while we waited in line. Next up was Rebel Yell, which they’ve done a lot of work to, including retracking the first drop and rebuilding a decent portion of it. After Rebel Yell we went to the front of the park for some Starbucks, and I had a drink from the neat olde fashioned Coke Soda Shoppe thing on International Street. After lounging at both for a bit we headed over and did Dominator, the second longest line in the park (though not terribly bad). The park was getting busier at this point.

I hadn’t been on Woodstock Express for a minute, so we went over there to get everyone’s credit. Then we headed over to Avalanch. It had a long line. Isaac and Blake decided to ride, but I went with Stefan over to The Crypt so I could watch him ride (I wasn’t in the mood for flipping and spinning at the moment). Thankfully they needed a single rider so he got right on, as Isaac and Blake decided not to wait for Avalance.


We walked over and got another spin on I305 and then walked back towards the Ferris Wheel. We rode Delirium at one point. The only issue I have with their Delirium is it could use an extra 2 swings, as the cycle is way short. At this point it was getting dusky, so we rode the Ferris Wheel after declining Anaconda and Stunt Coaster (the latter had too long of a line). Instead, as it was getting dark, we decided to call it a night at Kings Dominion and headed out for dinner (Fudruckers) and then some nite life in Richmond, a first.

Both parks were beautiful in their spring time getup. As much as I like the rides at Kings Dominion, I just feel that its a bit sterile now (I hate to use that term). I miss the Treasure Cave. I’m sure that whatever Hurler becomes will be fantastic, and the park is working on bringing back some of it’s heritage, which is a good thing (Yay singing frogs!). I just feel like Kings Dominion is lacking…something. And not really necessarily a coaster, or even a major flat.

Busch Gardens is one of my favorite parks, an I was disappointed in this year’s showing. It was a loss all the way around, but it won’t stop me from going back (maybe even later this year, because InvadR was definitely a hit). But even the worst day at a park is better than the best day at work.