Busch Gardens Williamsburg 2016

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March 26, 2016
Williamsburg VA

The next morning was rainy but the forecast called for the rain to pass over eventually. We had purchased a spring special ticket to BGW that, for an amazingly low $99 included parking, a 1 day ticket, two meals, AND the front of the line access! It was too good a deal to pass up. We got to the kiosks (I love these, and wish more parks had them) to get our tickets and Quick Queues, and headed in to the park. Isaac seemed to love the park from the get go. I figured he would. I love the park too. We headed to Tempesto first since Quick Queue was not available for it at the time and I’d heard horror stories on wait times. We waited 20 minutes for the back.

TempestoThe ride was really fun. Not sure I’d add it to a large park, but I can see why there are a lot of these going in at parks, and good for Premier. It was a fun ride. Even the vests on this one didn’t bother me. The first launch up was cool, then you launch back all the way to the top of the structure, then come back down and launch all the way around. It was great. The slow roll at the top was scary good fun. The non inverting loop had airtime. Dropping off of the top was fun. It was just a great little ride. But not worth more than a 30 minute wait at any park, though it’s still a neat addition, and actually looked great where it’s placed in the park.

We were going to do Apollo, but it had a slight line and we had the QQ for later. We walked thru and saw the new Italian eatery that looked and smelled great (we never ate there tho, maybe next time). So we walked up to Germany. I liked Verbolten quite a bit from the year it opened and subsequent visits. I still hadn’t gotten to experience all three ‘themes’ in the dark portion. We went to get in line, but decided to wait. Again, we had QQ for later. So we did DarKastle instead.


I wish they’d have gotten newer 4k projectors for DarKastle and fix all the non functioning theming that it had. And the sound. I liked the concept better than Spiderman, but it needed some work, and could easily have been amazing if they’d updated it. We walked over to New France and finally used our QuickQueue on Alpengeist. Many enthusiasts say it’s too big or whatever, but I actually like the ride. I think it’s grand. I like the intense B&M inverts, but I like this one for not being quite as intense. I think it still ran great and looked great in it’s surroundings.

As we were hungry I think it was at this point that we ended up at Festhause to get our first included meal. I had a meat sampler, drink, dessert and a beer. I love that BGW is so liberal with their beer and that its not ungodly expensive, though it is more than when A-B owned the park. The shows they’d had in Festhause since I started going had been terrible. Especially since the rest of the shows seemed to be decent to good. Oh well.

Some of the Wildlife shows were starting, so we went to watch a few of them. Isaac is a birder and so we went into a bird aviary and watched a raptor show. We then rode Griffon, my first dive coaster. It is still a lot of fun. We used QQ again, but honestly the wait for it was never very long. Then we walked around the park quite a bit, heading to Italy to ride Apollo’s Chariot. I don’t remember if we ever used the QQ for that because after it got dark we had no waits, and it’s what we ended the nite riding. Then we went back around to Germany after finding Ireland.


Verbolten was up next, and eventually we did use our QQ on it, and I finally got the wolf sequence. As it was getting dark we found the Clydesdale house and visited the horses for a while, and then we rode Loch Ness Monster, and once it was close to closing, we had dinner at Trappers Smokehouse for our final included meal, and headed back to Italy by way of a few rides on the skyway.

We decided since Tempesto still didn’t have a terrible line, we would wait for the front. Front row at nite, was really great. I loved that ride. Then as mentioned we finished the nite out on Apollo. It’s not my favorite B&M speed coaster, but it was better at nite. And I actually got our on-ride photo for once.


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