Kings Dominion 2016

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March 25 & 27, 2016
Doswell VA

Day 1

On Friday morning we woke up a little later than planned and headed north to Kings Dominion. This weekend would include 2 new parks for Isaac and a new credit for me. Traffic was a problem for the first part of the weekend, but we finally made it to the park around 1 PM. The park wasn’t very busy and the weather was overcast but the temperature was great. We got in to the park and beelined to Volcano. I wanted to check out the way they re-worked the entrance and station. Sadly, the ride was down. Instead, we headed over to I305 instead.

I think Fury is probably my favorite giga coaster to this point but I305 was very good. It had ejector air, speed, and even though it’s really compact, the ride was a lot of fun and very intense. There was barely a wait to ride. Next I believe we went to Flight of Fear. I have to say, I like that they shortened the queue, but could they please just repaint the queue area, add some lighting, dust it, and make it look less trashy? The ride still ran great. I wish it’d been moved to Carowinds as planned. The Flights of Fear both tend to launch as designed. The Six Flags versions, for the last few times I’d ridden them, did not.

We walked over to Delirium. It looked great, and the ride was a lot of fun. The cycle didn’t seem as long as the 2 Huss Giant Frisbee rides that Cedar Fair operates, but it was still really good, and we got a decent cycle. And the lighting package was great. We went over and had some issues finding the entrance to Grizzly as you have to go thru the Dinos Alive gift shop, which seems like a cluster, and no-one was over by Grizzly. The station seemed like it had gotten some renovations and there was new wood on the ride. I thought it was running as great as ever. I love that ride.


After riding Grizzly we walked around to the Eiffel Tower and went up top to get some pictures before heading down to get some food. Now that Thunder Road is gone, I feel very nostalgic riding Rebel Yell. Isaac never got to ride Thunder Road, so he was happy to get the experience here. They were only running one side at this point, and it was running mostly well. The return trip was a little rough, and it could have used some work like Thunder Road had received.

Heading over to the other side of the park we decided to put our stuff in a locker to ride the log flume, but Isaac noticed he didn’t have his phone. We trucked it over to Rebel Yell, where they thankfully had found it. Then we went back, put our stuff in a locker, and rode the log flume. It’d been a few years since I’d ridden the Shenandoah Log Flume, but it was still a lot of fun.

As the evening went on we wondered around the park and then got in the line for Volcano since it wasn’t long. Unfortunately, not long before we would have gotten on, the ride broke down a gain. We waited for quite a while, but the park was going to close soon so we got out of line. That at least gave us the opportunity to get a nite ride on I305 before heading out to Williamsburg.


Our arrival in Williamsburg was around 10 PM. I had Hotwired a 3 star hotel that day at Kings Dominion. We booked some Colonial named conference center. It was decent. An older property but clean and nice. Unfortunately there were tons of kids there for a volleyball tournament. They were leaving the next day and we were staying two nites.

I was hungry and tired. They had a pub that served food until 11 PM so after we dropped our stuff off at the room, we went to get food. Well, at least we tried. We sat at the bar  for quite a while while the bartenders purposefully ignored us. As one guy brought out some food, he sighed and asked if anyone had helped us. I asked for a menu and he sighed again. The food stopped at 11 and the drinks at 11:30. On a Friday Night. With a bar FULL of parents trying to get away from their kids.

Sensing they didn’t want our business, we just left. I wasn’t giving money to someone who didn’t want it. Seriously, we were prepared to buy food, and since we didn’t have to drive, likely a few drinks. Oh well. We drove to Wendy’s down the street and I got a couple of burgers instead.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg


Day 2

We headed out of Busch Gardens and to our hotel not far away, where I showered and quickly fell asleep. Sunday was Easter, and finding a place for breakfast without a long wait was challenging. We went with our first choice, and it wasn’t the best even if it did get great reviews online. Oh well.

Since there was so much we had missed at Kings Dominion we headed back on Sunday. After arriving, it was even deader than it’d been on Friday. We head to Volcano first. I loved Volcano. When it actually ran, it was really great. I liked how they re-did the station and ride entrance. It made much more sense and was less claustrophobic.

On Friday, the wild mouse was not running, but it was on Sunday so we decided to get in line. I liked it better than the Carowinds version. And yes, wild mice still terrify me. We went over to Dominator, which had no wait for the front, then got on Stunt Track, which we just kind of forgot about on Friday. Anaconda running on Friday, but was running on Sunday. I initially didn’t want to ride, but we did, and it really wasn’t bad. In fact it was pretty smooth for an older Arrow. Then we went back to ride I305 one last time before taking our last ride on Delirium at some point again as well.


I didn’t make it for Kings Dominion’s 40th anniversary in 2015 but the changes they made, the light packages they added, the reintroduction of the singing mushrooms (YAY!!), and overall sprucing up made it look great. I went a lot as a kid, and always loved the park. Now if only they’d reopen the Time Shaft.

So the weekend was mostly over. We got food at Burger King across the street, and Isaac drove most of the way home because I was beat. My stamina was quite a bit down what with losing part of a lung a few months prior. I’d say don’t smoke, kids, but I never smoked and still lost part of a lung. Oh well, at least I was well on my way to recovery, and still doing the things I love.