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May 24, 2015
Erie PA

Sunday morning we woke up, quickly got ready, and left the motel in Sandusky as soon as we could. It was really terrible. So we headed off on a trip I felt I’d just made not long before to Waldameer, thru Cleveland and back up to Lake Erie. Waldameer was going thru a transformation, and had a new front gate and they were also beefing up their already quaint looking (and popular, it would seem) water park. The new front entrance was nice. I wish there was something like Waldameer somewhere in North Carolina. It’s charming, it has lots of quirky stuff. It’s affordable family fun, and it’s just a great little park.

Heading over to see what was already open as the park does a rolling opening we rode the drop tower first. I actually like the fact that you drop as soon as you hit the top, and you don’t know when that will be. Plus you get amazing views, and the last time I was there it was gloomy and overcast. After that we went through the haunted house, Wacky Shack. I had done this last time, so I knew what it was all about, but it was neat to see the look on Doug’s face when it was all over. I wasn’t going to miss doing Pirate’s Cove this time, since it came so highly recommended by EVERYBODY last time. I just thought it was a small kiddy funhouse and didn’t bother; it hadn’t opened yet so we went over to our first coaster of the day, Ravine Flyer II.

Ravine Flyer III absolutely love Ravine Flyer and it was moving faster than the last time I was there. I don’t quite know why they weren’t filling both trains, they most definitely had enough in line to do so, but whatever. We rode near the front of the train for the first ride. I love the first drop, and man, those hills over the road kill it for me. They have amazing airtime and I love them. Hopping around on the other side of the road and back is a lot of fun and this time there was sustained speed even thru to the end. This ride really ranks high for me, and I didn’t expect to be back so soon to ride it, but again, I’m so grateful to have been able to make the trip. Over the course of the day we rode at least 2 or 3 more times.


After we got off of Ravine Flyer II we went over to the Comet, the park’s other wooden coaster. The setting for this ride is great with large trees all through out the infield and around the ride.

CometI like that this coaster has such a low height limit. It’s the perfect ‘big’ coaster for little kids to get comfortable on, and it’s a lot of fun. Plus, I mean, it literally goes thru the trees and just gives a fun ride. Comet would be a good ride in any park, but it just fits so well at Waldameer, especially since it has such history in the park.

Comet was fun. Next we walked back over and went through Pirate’s Cove. This was definitely interesting, and I’m glad I was able to do it this time. The whole thing was wonderfully bizarre and really fun. I love that this small park takes the time to keep up their quirky dark rides. I just hate that the park is so far away that I can’t just pop in for an evening when I want. That would be perfect. Next up I took Doug over to Steel Dragons, the spinning coaster.

Steel DragonsI like the Maurer Rides spinning coasters better than the Gerstlauer ones. The layouts are better, and I like facing out while spinning better. We got a really good, spinny ride. Much better than my last visit. The drops are scary when you can’t see where you’re going, and it actually has some decent airtime. This is another coaster that I don’t understand why more regional parks don’t have. Please, PLEASE Cedar Fair, start building these!


The Ferris Wheel was across the park and since I didn’t get to on my last visit as I was by myself we went to ride it next. I stopped and got a cookie sandwich that tasted amazing with creamy icing in the middle. Then we got on the Wheel so we could take some photos. Then we did something else I ended up skipping out on the last time I was here, but, you know, peer pressure.

Ravine Flyer IIIYeah, we rode the kiddie coaster for the credit. It was actually fun with a little airtime, and I like how it’s all over water. Plus we didn’t have to wait for kids, we just kind of walked on to the ride. Check, and done.

After that we rode RF2 a little more before ending our morning at Waldameer. Again, I can’t say enough great things about the park, and if you ever get the chance to go, it’s a real treat. Next time, I’m going to go at nite for a change.

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