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May 24, 2015
Conneaut Lake PA

Doug and I got in to my car and headed across Pennsylvania to a place I’d never been, but had toyed with stopping by on my last trip this way. I knew I’d better stop thinking and just go, because it’s a park that just may not be with us for the long haul. After what seemed like an eternity driving thru the countryside of Pennsylvania, we finally arrived…at Conneaut Lake Park.

The front of the park actually shows what kind of potential the park has (had?), but it is totally unused. This is one of those parks that I just wish I had some money, time, and labor to make it so much better. After walking thru the front gate area, there were 4 pads with rides, and some empty or half empty pads. We walked around all of that and headed back towards the middle of the ‘park’ (I use that term very loosely) and got what ended up being my 4th wristband of the trip at $10, which was actually kind of a steal, and I do feel good about supporting a small park, even one struggling.

There were actually a decent amount of people in the park, and everything that could be running was up and running. The only thing I wish I’d ridden that we skipped was the Tumblebug. After the $10 band purchase, we went to Devil’s Den.


Devil’s DenThis reminded me so much of the Haunted House at Camden Park, they’re both Pretzel rides. It was fun. After the first lift you turn and drop down the ‘Infamous GUM WALL’ drop, then up and into the darkness, which is basically a Wild Mouse type layout in the dark. It was fun.

Then it was time to hit up the reason we’d came to the park, the infamous Conneaut Lake Blue Streak.

Blue StreakOkay, this ride had so so so much potential. The trains were actually comfy with padding. Going up the lift, I knew it was going to be something, I just didn’t know what. The first drop was kind of good, but the crunch and pain at the bottom just wasn’t pleasant. Every hill was crunchy, painful, and not that fun. It could be. The ride had an aggressive layout, and if it had a nice long renovation to retrack and replace wood, it could be an amazing coaster. Plus, it really is neat to go thru the trees like it does, and the beginning tunnel was different.

I was in too much pain to go for another spin. Sad. The Blue Streak had potential. Hopefully this park can eventually get turned around. It’s just a sad little business, listing hopelessly too and fro. I won’t feel the need to return unless and until Blue Streak gets some major love.


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