Dixie Classic Fair 2012

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October 8, 2011
Winston Salem NC

Some time around 2008 or 2009, I came down to North Carolina in October on my hunt to find a job. I stopped in Winston Salem and kept seeing signs for ‘Fair Traffic’. I asked someone standing at the counter what kind of fair, what it was like, etc. and they told me about the Dixie Classic Fair, a large Fair the city hosts every year. After looking it up online, it really piqued my interest.

In 2010, I had planned to go to the fair, but because of different circumstances, and being out of town on a roller coaster trip, I ended up not going. But for 2011, I was determined. I had driven by the fair when I was working in Winston Salem one day on my way to work, and it looked like a lot of fun. So this year I made time to go.

The Dixie Classic Fair was huge. Well, for me anyways. The largest fair I’d been to previously was the West Virginia State Fair, which was large enough. But it seemed that every time I turned a corner at the Dixie Classic Fair, I was walking down a whole new midway. I decided to go up for Saturday afternoon. I’d forgotten that there was a home game for Wake Forest on the 2nd Saturday of the Fair, meaning there was limited parking. I was parked in traffic for quite some time before I lucked out. I made my way up to the Fairgrounds and paid to get in.

Dixie Classic Fair 2011

Thankfully I came in thru a back entrance. My first inclination was to walk around and check out the midway. I walked around, took photos of the rides, checked out what all they had, and planned out what I wanted to ride. Sadly, there was no all you can ride pass, so eventually I paid for $27 worth of tickets. I wished I’d had 3 extra dollar bills because you got $40 worth for ‘only’ $30, but I only had the $27 on me. That was okay, because I think I ended up with $6 in tickets still on the card when I left. My first ride was the Haunted Mansion. All of the scenes worked, but it was too fast and way too short. I felt like I wasted 4 tickets on this ride. I decided to ride one of the main reasons I had went to the fair and headed over to the Zyklon. This was my first one.

ZyklonThe first drop was lots of fun, I just wish I had sat in the back of the car. It wasn’t overly braked, and the drops & helix made for quite a ride. I was in a full car, so I’m sure that added weight made for a more fun ride. For whatever reason, I always thought the regular Zyklon coasters were thought poorly of. I actually enjoyed my ride.

I strolled around the fair for a bit more and discovered some of the other midways that branched off. I walked around the food stands, watched the Top Spin cycle. It had at least a 4 minute cycle and I got tired of filming it, and then I went to ride more. I rode the Ali Baba ride which, while fun, was still no Huss Rainbow.

Dixie Classic Fair 2011

I got my nerve up to go ride the Fireball. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love these rides. But A) They freak me out and B) because of my height and shoulder width I sometimes have a hard time fitting. Surprisingly, even though it was tight, I fit on the ride fine. It was a lot of fun with a full gondola. Not the best ride I’d ever had on one of these, but still a lot of fun.

They had a smaller, odd looking drop tower, so I rode that as well. It dropped a few times  but there was no major airtime. Eventually I decided to walk around some more. I ate a large turkey leg (yum), and had myself a root beer float whilst walking around the little village they had set up. This was interesting, old log cabins, a tobacco house, live blue grass, and lots of artisans working, or showing off their work. There was an animal show that I somehow missed. Twice. But oh well. And then for a while I sat and watched the tractor pull. I still don’t get the numbers or whatever but I get the concept behind the tractor pull and it was neat to watch.

I’d planned to leave around 5ish since I was heading down to Charlotte to go and see Weird Al in concert at Ovens Auditorium in Charlotte. Unfortunately, that was right after the football game had let out, so I was in traffic for quite some time.