Bahamas Cruise 2009

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September 20-24, 2009

Day 1

Sunday morning we woke up, got all of our things together and packed into the car, checked out, headed out into the extreme heat, cranked the a.c. in the car up, and headed due east. The ride to Port Canaveral wasn’t very long, but it was very flat and mostly boring until we hit the coast. Upon arrival at Port Canaveral we headed over into town in search of a drug store and breakfast, eventually heading into a BiLo to get supplies. Breakfast was a few moments later at Dunkin’ Doughnuts. Port Canaveral was a very charming little coastal town from what I saw of it, and I’d love to go back and watch a rocket launch some day.

We headed over to port, dropped off our luggage, and parked. It was only around 11 AM and we couldn’t head to our rooms until later, so after checking in we sat on the Lido deck and had lunch and drinks. I had a burger and fries as oldies played over the speaker. Once we could go to the room I headed down and took what few things I had to drop them off. Then I laid around until we got called to our Muster station for the drill.

Once we arrived at our Muster station we received instructions and headed to the life boats. At this point, the boat was moving out of the docking area. I’d left my camera in the room so I wasn’t able to take pictures, but once we were finished, I headed to the room, grabbed the camera, and headed up with my family to the highest point on the front of the ship to watch as we headed out to the open sea. People waved from the beach at Port Canaveral. Once we were out in the open ocean we headed back to our rooms to get ready for dinner. I had to take a shirt to my parent’s room so that we could use the steamer on it, as I didn’t want to be wrinkly for my first evening.

Carnival Cruise 2009

Dinner was promptly at 6:00. I had smoked duck as an appetizer, and steak for dinner. It was all very good, and dinner was nice with quick service and smiling servers. I was able to sneak down to the shopping promenade earlier as I was exploring the boat to order mom and dad an Anniversary Cake as it was their official Anniversary. The cake ended up being the best dessert I had on the whole cruise.

After dinner I headed back to the room before heading out around the boat. It was still early and all of the night spots were still in kids & teens mode. We walked around outside the boat and in; I grabbed something to eat here and there, spent some time on the Serenity deck with my brother and parents watching the sun set, and then we parked ourselves at a bar on the aft section of the ship. We weren’t there long until we wandered around some more. One lounge had a live band playing, but I wasn’t impressed.

We headed back to the room and I ordered room service. Kelly liked the way my food looked, so then I ordered him some. Instead of heading back out with him, I ended up going to sleep early after taking a shower and watching some TV. It had been a long day, and the next day would be even longer.

Carnival Cruise 2009

Day 2

On Monday morning I woke up and headed topside for breakfast, even though I’d meant to have breakfast delivered to me. After getting some food I met up with the family and we went out to Freeport, my first time on foreign land. The first little area we went to after getting off of the ship was not very different than any seaside town trying to sell junk. I hadn’t wanted to head to the straw market that day, but we never made plans for anything else so we took a cab over to the straw market area at Lacaya Beach. Mom & Dad went to the shopping district, but Kelly and I had other plans and headed over to the Our Lacaya Resort.

The beach there was absolutely beautiful, the most beautiful beach I’d ever seen in my life. There were several different beach options, but we went to the left to a far less busy section of the beach that had 2 breakers on each side of a nice stretch of beach front property, with condos and parts of the resort coming right out to the long, but not very wide beach.

After laying our stuff down on the sand we headed out into the water. It was clear, warm, calm, and beautiful. I stayed in the ocean for quite some time just floating around and enjoying the beautiful surroundings. I could have stayed here for the rest of the trip and would have been happy.


After a couple hours of lying out aon the beach we decided to go over to the shopping district and look for Mom & Dad. I wanted to pick up a few things and I wanted to get the camera so that I could take some pictures of the beach. My brother wasn’t feeling his best so he went to sit at a bar at the resort while I went in search of Mom & Dad. I walked thru the straw market and didn’t see them. I walked back over to the beach to tell Kelly that we may just have to meet them at 3:00 for our ride back, but I decided to head over one more time after looking for them on the beaches. Finally I ran in to them, told them where Kelly was, got the camera, went and took some pictures at the beach, told Kelly to meet Mom & Dad at the pickup spot for the taxi, then went and ran in to mom and got some souvenirs for workmates and my supervisor.

As we were waiting on the Taxi a strange man in costume came up and began telling us how he was ‘touched’ and this and that, and then wanted us to take a picture with him. He was an odd character to say the least.

After catching our taxi we rode back to the port and headed back onto the boat, then made our way to our rooms to get ready for dinner. It was Captain’s night so we had to dress up. I had lobster tail and jumbo shrimp for dinner, but didn’t stick around to hear all that the maitre’d had to say. I had planned to go back to the room and watch HEROES’ season premier, but there was some confusion as the ship’s satellite was on Colorado time, and I missed the 8:00pm premier time, that was really 9:00. Since I didn’t realize the show was coming on at 8:00, I was too late to catch it all.


Instead, we roamed around the ship. Mom and dad joined us for a while on the Serenity Deck. I had my iPhone and was listening to music while watching the other boats in the distance. Mom & Dad decided to go to a show while Kelly and I walked around and visited some of the bars, such as the piano bar with the terrible name “Touch of Class” and even more terrible black/white/red mannequin hand décor, but didn’t we stay there long. We did sit in the Michelangelo Lounge and watched some crazy old woman try to pick up young men. We ended the night at Kaleidoscope, the dance club.

The ship was traveling at full speed as there was a medical emergency on board, so the boat was really rocking. I made my way back to the room around 3 AM and we were already in Nassau, 3 hours early. It didn’t take long for me to fall asleep that nite.

Day 3

The next morning Mom & Dad had made plans for an excursion riding in a semi-submarine, but I’d made plans to visit Atlantis. Kelly stayed on the boat all day, but I made my way down to the excursion desk, paid for my trip, and headed out to the pickup area. Nassau felt more out of the country to me, and riding over to Paradise Island I was able to see more of the ‘real’ Bahamas.


Once we arrived we received our instructions on meeting back and then met our tour guide. I’d  have liked to do the Aquaventure water park, but since our dinner was early I decided to only do the Discover Atlantis excursion. We toured both of the hotel’s aquariums, which were very nice. After the tour we could go anywhere on the property that our wrist bands allowed. I wanted to go down to the beach but wasn’t sure if I was allowed to so I walked back and explored the casino and shopping areas. I did get to head over to the hammerhead shark lagoon and explored outside on the resort’s grounds as well. Atlantis was just a beautiful resort, and I’d really like to go back and stay for a few days in the future.

I hopped on the transport back to the docks. On the way back I really felt like I was in a different country because the areas we went thru were far more foreign. Once we arrived I set out to explore the shopping district near the port. I didn’t want to wander too far, but many of the shops I was interested in were either closed, just as expensive as the shops back home, or I didn’t find anything I liked. I did hit up the Bacardi store, but passed on buying alcohol. It was getting closed to dinner and I had to get back and get ready.


After dinner Kelly and I went around to the different bars again, back to the room on occasion, and even briefly watched a show. We tried to watch the Stand Up Comic, but it was at the end of his set and we forgot to go back for the later one. I did make my way at one point to the Sea View restaurant for some sushi and a sandwich.

Day 4 & 5

I got up early the next morning and headed out for food. It was past breakfast so I had lunch instead, and then I headed up to the water park deck to try out the slides. I ended up doing each slide at least twice and splashed around the water features before walking around the boat. It was a hot day, but it was beautiful and playing in the water felt good. I had room service again that day for lunch this time, and for dinner I had steak again, but with 2 appetizers. The deep fried mozzarella was very good. Kelly and I dipped out of dinner before they sang to us again and went walking around the boat. I did some shopping as Kelly lay in the room. We made our way out at different times and did a lot of different things, but I still ended up going to bed early.

On our final morning we woke up and got our stuff ready before heading to the Lido deck for breakfast. It took a while before we were able to disembark, but the process was smooth and easy. We dropped Kelly off at the airport and headed north. I slept most of the way back to North Carolina, but we did end up eating at an iHop in Georgia.

Being that it was my first cruise, I didn’t know what to expect. Now that I do, I’d love to go again, but I’d definitely like to go to another destination. I had a really fun time, ate a lot, and actually got out of the country. For $226, I’d say the price was worth every penny for what I got.

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