Cedar Point 2007 Day 2

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June 18, 2007
Sandusky OH

John decided to go in to work late Tuesday morning. After I woke up I got ready and headed out, thanking him for putting me up for the nite. It was about a 50 minute drive to Cedar Point and I needed to stop by a store to get some ginger pills and more disposable cameras, since I didn’t have a digital camera on this trip. I arrived at Cedar Point around 11 AM and headed back to the Gemini parking lot and thru the Magnum gate. Upon getting into Sandusky, though, it had started to sprinkle a bit, and there were calls for a 70% chance of thunder storms all day.

I looked at the Dragster line and decided to skip since it was just a bit longer than I’d wanted to wait. I instead went to Power Tower to ride the Power Drop side. As I’d said previously, I wasn’t overly impressed the nite before with the Power Shot side, so how would this one be?

Power Tower-Wow! The drop side had a longer line because its better! I wasn’t expecting much. I don’t know why the S&S Towers don’t scare me like the Intamin towers. And that drop was really good. Not better than an Intamin, but just as good as Supreme Scream at Knott’s. I liked it. Plus there is some decent airtime on the bouncing after the drop.

Raptor was close, so that was my next destination. The sign said the wait was an hour so I got inline. The lines on B&M coasters usually go quickly. As I was about half way through the queue the skies opened up and began to pour. A lot of people got out of line, the rest of us rushed under the brake run, which provides a roof over the queue. It rained hard for about 15 minutes and stopped. Then they started cycling the ride without people on it. After another 30 minutes, they re-opened the ride. Ten minutes later, I was in line for the 2nd row with one train ahead of me. With the rain, it had still ended up at just under an hour wait. Then the announcement came again “Raptor will be closing due to approaching inclement weather. We do not know how long this closure will last…” etc. So more rain came and this time it seemed to have set in.

I waited another hour on the platform since it was raining and I didn’t feel like going for a show, but eventually I got bored with standing in the station as the rain slacked off to a light sprinkle. Of course some coasters, including Raptor, still can’t run in any rain. I got out of line and walked over to Skytower, which was running. This was another ride that I didn’t get to do on my last visit. It was a nice chance to sit and see the park from high up. Because maXair runs in rain, the line for it was rather long, so when Wicked Twister started running I headed for another ride on it.

Cedar Point 2007

Wicked TwisterThe wait was less than 10 minutes, and pretty soon I was sitting in the back row. My ride the nite before made me a tad bit queasy, but not today with my ginger pills. I like the back row since you’re at the top of the tower’s height on the back spike when the train stalls. These types of rides still make me anxious, but I like them.

The queue for maXair had gotten shorter so I figured I’d ride it next. John said it had a longer cycle than Delirium, and since I loved Delirium, I knew I’d love maXair.

maXair-Max air indeed! I loved it’s placement in the park. I got a few good spins as the ride hits the highest point. This thing really delivered. Usually the spinning would have caused me queasiness, but with ginger pills I was fine, and could have ridden again if I’d wanted to.

I walked back across the midway in a light sprinkle to see if Blue Streak was running as I could see that Raptor was not. As I neared Blue Streak Raptor started test cycling, but I didn’t feel the need to rush over. I hadn’t decided if I was going to leave that evening to head to Kings Island or stay until Cedar Point closed, and if I didn’t get ride Raptor, that would have been fine. I had no intentions of riding Mantis, Corkscrew, Mine Ride, or Woodstock express and this wouldn’t be a huge deal either. Blue Streak was running, so I got in line and walked right on to the back of the train.

Blue Streak It was running slightly rougher than my previous visit, but Blue Streak has decent amounts of airtime. I’d never realized that Blue Streak is right by the road that leads around to the back of the park until this visit. As far as wooden coasters go, its a classic. From the first drop, thru the turn around, and even on the hop into the brakes, the coaster is a lot of fun.

I was in the mood for pizza so I picked a couple slices up on the midway. John told me to give Magnum another chance, and even though I was semi-reluctant, I did. The nite before the ride was painful and just not that good. But I headed all the way back to Magnum for another go.

Cedar Point 2007

Mangum XL 200This was more like it! I sat in seat 1-3, obviously the money seat, by myself. I strapped in tighter this time and braced myself. The first drop and 2nd & 3rd hills were really good. And thankfully, the trims into the turnaround didn’t hit that hard this time. That made the return leg of the coaster way more exciting. This is what I liked about Magnum. It’s just pure airtime. I was glad I gave it another shot. This was the ride I’d wished I’d gotten the nite before.

After getting some more water I walked around a bit. Once I arrived at Gemini I saw that both sides were running. I decided to ride the red side this time as I’d never ridden that side.

GeminiThe station was crowded, but the line moved fast. I still really liked this coaster. The first drop, pops of air, and especially the crowd interaction with 2 racing trains make it special. I rode in row with the shortest line. After a really good ride on Gemini, though, we hit the helix. My body snapped to the left side, the same side that I’d hurt the nite before. And it popped. Painful at the time, but it didn’t leave any lasting pain like Magnum had, so I didn’t worry about it then.

I snapped a shot of Cedar Creek Mine Ride as I walked past, but had no intention of riding. I also passed on Woodstock Express. I have both credits. But I did want to give Mean Streak a courtesy ride. My last ride on it proved to be way too boring, but I didn’t get the roughness that everyone complains about. It was time to try it again.

Mean StreakAnother near walk-on. Thankfully crowds weren’t as bad as my last visit to the park. Mean Streak started out really good…until you hit the trim brake on the first drop. It totally kills the ride. Again I kept thinking “Wait, there’s more? Oh my, we’re going back the other way? Please stop the boredom!” Yes, it was rougher than the last time, but roughness still wasn’t a major issue. Mean Streak was just boring. Mind numbingly boring. Oh well, at least I don’t have to worry about waiting in line for it on busy days.

Cedar Point 2007

Mean streak exits fairly close to Maverick. I wanted to try the single rider line for this, which is placed way too late in the line. It was about an hour wait, just like the nite before, but this time there weren’t any minor breakdowns. I listened to my iPod most of the time I was in line. It was a Janet Jackson marathon, too, in honor of my and John’s discussion the nite before while in line for Maverick. As I got to the single rider line I moved up ahead, but honestly I could have just waited in the regular line, as I ended up on the same train with the people I was standing in the regular line with.

MaverickAnd I ended up in the same seat of (probably) a different train as we had the nite before. I made sure to sit as upright as possible so that my shoulders were pressed against the restraints. The zip up the hill is a lot of fun, that first beyond vertical drop is amazing and I’d love to see this on a taller drop. This time the twists and turns at the bottom weren’t uncomfortable. The first airtime hill hit good and hard, the inversions were smooth, and this time the launch in the tunnel came with no stop before hand. I still loved the 2 overbanked dives, and the final airtime hill is just sick.

One more ride I’d wanted to do was the 2nd half of the train through Boneville. This was kind of quirky, but fun. I thought about riding the paddlewheel excursions, and I’d wanted to ride the Ferris wheel, but didn’t end up doing either. I made my way over to Raptor and the wait was only a half hour, so I jumped in line. I ended up only waiting 20 minutes for my ride.

RaptorI like Raptor, but it isn’t my favorite invert. I’m just not a big fan of forceful inversions and it does deliver in the positive G department. I do, however, love the first drop. The ride is fast, and the successive inversions are crowd pleasers. I was glad my 2nd ride was just as good as the ride on my first visit, with the mid course brake run not trimming any speed or hitting hard.

By this point I had decided to stay until closing. Yet another ride I’d missed riding the first time was the Sky Ride, so I hopped in line and rode it down the midway. It offers nice views and was a nice break from walking or standing in line. I toyed with hitting Corkscrew but though no, then got in line for Dragster as the wait was about an hour. It had broken down earlier in the day, but by now it was running rather consistently.

Cedar Point 2007

Top Thrill DragsterI didn’t wait for the front row this time, ending up in the 3rd row instead as it was a short line. Launching from 0-120mph is good no matter how you do it. I love this as a ride, I’m just disappointed in it as a coaster. But it, to me, is worth an hour wait, but no more. The airtime over the top is fun and I remembered the drop and twist a lot more this time than I do from my last visit. This would be my farewell ride on Dragster for this visit.

The sun was setting, so I headed over to Millennium Force. The wait was only about 45 minutes. I did wait a little longer for the front, though, so I ended up waited about an hour.

Millennium ForceI rode while the sun was setting and it was beautiful. I love the feeling of speed on this thing. The first drop was outstanding, but aside from that the only major thing I liked about Millennium Force was the speed. The front seat is definitely an better experience. I’d ridden in the front and next to last row, and I think my favorite spot was in the front. I like the coaster, I just don’t like waiting 2 ½ hours for it. Thankfully on this visit, I didn’t have to.

I still had plenty of time before closing and I saw that Mantis had a very short line, which was in contrast to the line I saw earlier. Whatever, I’ll give it a courtesy ride. It was a 1 train wait.

MantisI must admit, I didn’t hate it this time. Mantis was fun, but it was another coaster that lost something from the trim on the first drop. I did get slightly queasy riding this time, but it was nothing major. The forces cause my knees to buckle after a long day of riding. Too bad the operations on this coaster were never good. But I’ve never cared much for B&M standup coasters anyway and I only rode because there was no line.

Cedar Point 2007

Walking back around the midway, the park was lighting up and the sky was getting dark. I decided I’d have enough time for a quick ride on Corkscrew. There was no wait and I walked onto the back row.

CorkscrewI must say, this was quite a good ride. The hill after the first loop gave some nice air, and I didn’t get much head banging. Not as good as Double Loop the day before, but still better than I’d remembered it. It helps when a coaster you’re not hyped up about has no line.

The park was starting to close. I’d decided I’d eat at East of Chicago and drive about half way to Cincinnati, then finish driving the rest of the way the next morning to Kings Island. The pizza at East of Chicago was decent, as were the fries. For $6.99 I got my money’s worth. It was late and my directions to Cincinnati weren’t very good. That was the last time I trust Yahoo Maps for Ohio. I took a longer way thru the backwoods of Ohio and eventually made it to I-71. About 10 miles outside of Columbus I pulled over so that I could sleep at a rest area. My plan was to get up at 9:30, drive on to Cincy and get a motel, shower, and then head to Kings Island. I fell asleep around 1 AM.

I was sleeping surprisingly well in the Element until I woke up at about 5:30 AM. I was in pretty bad pain with my left side and flank hurting. My first thought was “Oh My, I hope nothing bad like my appendix bursting has happened!” I got out of the car and walked to get some water. I became really nauseous, so I thought maybe I’d gotten food poisoning from the pizza buffet the nite before. Eventually I realized something was very wrong. I asked the rest stop attendant where the nearest hospital was as the pain in my side worsened and moved up into my chest and left arm. I’m talking severe pain that was a 10 on a scale of 1-10. I’d never had pain like this. It got so bad walking back to the vehicle that I immediately called 911. I didn’t know where I was, but thankfully they could track me from my cell phone.

The operator stayed on the line and listened to me as I cried, moaned, and screamed all while lying on the sidewalk, with the car’s flashers on, waiting to hear sirens. As soon as the ambulance arrived the operator wished me well and told me she was hanging up. I mumbled out a thank you and got up to lock the car, turn off the hazard lights, and get the medical attention I needed. The operator said it sounded like I was having a kidney stone attack.

I was able to lay down in the ambulance. The EMTs were very nice. I mentioned how I was on vacation and how I’d have a great story to tell now. They tried to put an IV in me 3 times with no luck. My skin even bent one of the needles in two, and they were THICK needles. Did I mention I’m terrified of needles? We arrived at the hospital, the EMTs wished me well, and I was put in a room in the ER. I told the nurses my medical history, was checked in, and informed them of what happened on Magnum, which just happened to have hit the same side where I was having pain.

Cedar Point 2007

I was in the ER for over 4 hours. The Dr. was very nice. I had a cat scan done on my abdomen and was informed that I had at least one stone, and possibly a bruised kidney from Magnum and my back snapping on Gemini, aggravated by all of the walking I did. I was disappointed because I knew I wouldn’t get to Kings Island. I was worried because I couldn’t get a hold of my mother. I kept thinking she’d have to get up soon and go to work, so I’d try calling there. Then I remembered…it was a state holiday and she was off work. That was part of the reason I was doing this trip when I did.

I called my sister and a family friend to have them keep calling mom. I was supposed to call my friend Danny to see if he wanted to meet at Kings Island later in the day, but had forgot to put his number in my new phone. Now I would need someone to take me back to my car. I called Beth, who accidentally hung up on me, Matt, and John and left messages. I apologized for the early calling, but it was kind of an emergency. I finally got ahold of Beth, who had left Danny a message and called Matt. She gave me Danny’s number, as well as Dawn Marie just in case she didn’t have Danny’s most current number.

Eventually I got a hold of Danny, and after about 4 hours, was released. Danny arrived and picked me up. When we got back to my car Danny used his GPS to get directions back home, since I didn’t really know how to get back home from Columbus. I figured it out on the map, but his directions were better. An hour into the drive, due to lack of sleep, I pulled over at a McDonalds to nap for an hour. I didn’t realize I’d left the battery turned on, and this ran my battery out on the car. Thankfully it didn’t take long to get a jump. I didn’t eat anything all day except for some peanuts and water and a little bit of dried fruit. I had a prescription for Vicodin and an antibiotic. I got home around 6:30 PM, exhausted and disappointed at not getting to Kings Island. But I’m glad things weren’t worse.


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