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June 17, 2007
Sandusky OH

My drive from Geauga Lake to Cedar Point was much easier than 2004. I didn’t get lost and was more familiar with the route. Cedar Point came in to view in the distance when I wasn’t expecting it, and I got excited. I passed by my turn not realizing it, turned around, and and headed to the causeway. Driving down the causeway, I always have a National Lampoons moment seeing the exaggerated skyline. Oh, and that hump on the causeway over the water still provides some great air. I missed that.

I made sure to get a park map, unlike on my previous visit. I skipped parking in the main parking lot and went around to the Gemini lot. I wish I’d known about on my previous visit as it is close to a back entrance. I parked, got my stuff, and headed for the Magnum Gate. I’d heard recently that having another park pass causes issues at this gate, but I didn’t have any problems. I just went inside at the ticket booth, they looked at the pass, typed in the number, had me sign and mark which park it was from, and then let me in. No worries & no wait.

After I made it inside I decided to check the line for Top Thrill Dragster. This was my first ride on my last trip, and I know how lines for it can be, so I wanted to ride it early if I got the chance. I stopped by the gift shop and purchased a $2 strap for my glasses as I couldn’t find the one I’d purchased on my last visit. Dragster was launching consistently and the line looked to be an hour or less, so I got in line.

Cedar Point 2007

Top Thrill DragsterThe wait was about 40 minutes. I decided to wait for a front seat ride since the line for the front wasn’t very long. I strapped in and we headed to the launch area. I kept hearing someone standing on the bleachers yell, but didn’t pay too much attention until I looked over and they seemed to be yelling at me. They were trying to tell me to take my glasses off or I’d lose them, so I pointed at my strap, which I guess they still didn’t see. Finally someone else must have told them. The next thing I knew we were rolling back slightly and preparing to launch. Dragster still packed a punch! I was much more aware of my surroundings this time because I knew what to expect and wasn’t nervous as I was my first time. The pop over the top, while not as good as Xcelerator, is still fun. Top Thrill Dragster is not a great coaster, but MAN is it a great ride. And it still makes me weak in the knees.

After Dragster I decided to ride Power Tower. The launch side line was much shorter than the drop side line, so I took a spin on that side first.

Power Tower-I was in the same seat on the same tower as my last visit. Power Tower’s launch side just doesn’t do a lot for me. Mostly because I think it is too tall. By the time you reach the top, it just doesn’t do much as far as airtime goes, especially compared to other S&S towers. I wasn’t disappointed, but I’m just not a huge fan. The view of the lake is stunning, though.

On my last visit to Cedar Point, I’d missed riding Wildcat because as I was in line for Mantis they closed the ride for the nite time fireworks and light show. This time I was determined to ride the coaster and after getting some water, I got in line. It was about a 15 minute wait.

Cedar Point 2007

WildcatThis was a lot more fun than I’d imagined! The first few drops, in comparison to the coaster’s size, are really large and really good! I was in the back of the car with a father and his small son in the front seat. Wildcat was fast, fun, and had some nice drops as well as some fun swooping drops and helix. I’m glad I finally got to ride it.

Next up, since I was in the area, was Iron Dragon. I’d walked by the lagoon and the mist was very cooling. I’m not a huge fan of suspended coasters, but I knew the line would be short enough that a courtesy ride was due.

Iron DragonI sat near the back of the train. I had a new respect for Iron Dragon. It was fun. The first drop was a bit better than I remembered, and the ride thru the trees really helps the coaster in terms of visuals. One thing I really don’t care for, though, is the lack of swinging on the brake run. I really liked this on Top Gun at Kings Island.

John called and said he’d be a little later than expected while I was on Wildcat, so I decided I’d look and see what kind of line Millennium Force had. It said it was just under an hour, and the line was moving quick, so I got in line. I like that the line had a DJ and I was happy for a less than an hour wait, especially since my last ride was after a 2 ½ hours wait. That’s far too long for me.

Cedar Point 2007

Millennium Force-My Mom called while I was in line, almost in the station. John also called to tell me he’d be there in about 15 minutes, which was about the time I had left to wait. I decided not to wait for the front since I knew I could do that later. After I got in to the station I went directly to the second seat. Millennium Force has a great first drop, 2 good pops of air, and speed. Did I mention I LOVE speed? Most people complain about the ride, and it shouldn’t have the title of #1 coaster in the polls that its ranked in my opinion, but Millennium Force is a lot of fun. The overbanked turns don’t do much, but the hills it does have are great.

John was in the park and called to let me know he was on the way over. Cedar Point, being a huge park, takes a while to walk through, so I told him I’d stay in front of the Millennium Force sign. He arrived & we shook hands and since he’d been to the park 3 times in 5 days, told me he didn’t have a problem doing anything I wanted to do. I opted for Maverick, but realized I needed to hit Skyhawk as well so we stopped there first after getting more water in the Red Garter Saloon. They started a country music show so we promptly left. Not a huge country music fan am I. Skyhawk was a short wait.

Skyhawk-Okay, I’d ridden the very small version of an S&S swing at Knott’s and loved it. I liked Skyhawk as well, and the height definitely makes this ride better. But they needed a longer cycle. I know that isn’t supposed to be possible due to the compressed air tanks size and what not, but still. Otherwise, I did like the ride. Swinging that fast with that much thrust is fun. Plus this is the type of ride Cedar Point needed.

Even though my original plan was to hit Maverick as soon as I got to the park, I’d put it off. John said it was his 2nd favorite ride in the park. We headed over. The area looked really nice. I’d passed by it earlier on my way into the park and Maverick was down. The line said 1 hour. It was about that long, maybe a little more with one minor breakdown while we waited.

Cedar Point 2007

MaverickWOW! The first beyond vertical drop was amazing. We were close to the back and it really pulls you over. That first airtime hill delivered some ejector airtime. I liked the smooth inversions on the ride, and I’m usually not an inversion fan. As we hit the tunnel, the train stopped. John said this was a first for him. Once the train ahead passed thru the next block, the lights in the tunnel came blazing on and we launched. I love launches and this one was really powerful but it’s too bad that the trim on the next hill kills the airtime. The swoop by the water was fun with water canons and the first overbanked dive was really good. Then the highly overbanked dive comes and is amazing. John pointed out that the small hill after has killer air. It looked deceivingly small and rampy. There was way more airtime than I could have imagined. Maverick is a winner and the best coaster the park had added in a long time. The short trains zipping around are fun to watch, but even more fun to ride, even without the inline twist that was taken out of the ride’s design.

After more water we were heading toward Magnum but stopped at Gemini. I love Gemini and wanted to ride the red side since I’d not ridden it yet, but it was late in the evening and because the crowds had dropped only the blue side was running, so we hopped on.

Geminithe ride op was doing his best to pump up the crowd. Gemini is a fun coaster, I still love it, but it loses something when it isn’t racing. Still, the ride is far better than I’d have ever thought just looking at it the first time. I like Gemini. The first drop was good and there was airtime over every hill. I was glad to get back on the ride again after 3 years.

Next up would be the moment that changed the course of history for my trip. I didn’t know it at the time.  But the next decision we made substantially altered the course of my trip. Of course, I wouldn’t know this until later. Next up, John and I headed to Magnum.

Cedar Point 2007

Magnum XL 200We rode in seat 1-2 after very little wait. Magnum’s first drop, for me, is so great and seems so long. Second hill, airtime. Third hill, major ejector airtime. I was probably about an inch up from my seat, even with my lap bar all the way down and the seat belt pulled as tight as it could go just as we went over the trims. Then it happened. OUCH! Those trims came on…HARD! I came crashing down on the corner of the hard seat corner, which was right where my kidneys and rib cage meet. It hurt. Really bad. Plus the train was noticeably slower and there wasn’t much airtime after that. This was by far NOT a good Magnum ride and I was happy when it was over.

As we got off the ride, my side hurt just a bit from the jarring. It hurt with slightly increasing intensity for a good hour. John was shocked at how hard the trims hit, and stated that he hoped that it wasn’t a permanent fix to the incident that had happened earlier in the month where 2 trains bumpe. I wasn’t feeling great after that, but we still had time so we headed to Wicked Twister, as John said there wouldn’t be a line. This, of course, was putting us further away from our cars, but I didn’t mind, and I liked Wicked Twister. Thankfully, it was only a one train wait.

Wicked TwisterWe were near the back half of the train. The initial launch is really great and twisting up the front spike is a lot of fun. Then going back kind of makes me a little queasy without taking ginger pills. With each significant swing, going up the spikes and twisting, along with the stall at the top of the launch, really give Wicked Twister its thrills, but even though I like Wicked Twister, I prefer the other Impulse coasters with a brake at the top of a straight spike. This was a good ride, and I’m glad we got it in before the nite was over.

The area where maXair is has been nicely re-done, and the lights add a lot to the atmosphere. II flirted with the idea of riding maXair, but Disaster Transport was right there so we headed there next. The last time I’d ridden the line was quite long, but this time the line started at the bottom of the stairs to the loading platform. Then they asked for 2 riders for an available train and, although they didn’t use us right then, it still skipped us ahead in the line

Cedar Point 2007


Disaster TransportSuch a quirky ride. The actual coaster is good, but they’d turned off most of the lights in the different themed sections, so there wasn’t much theming to look at. Most of the coaster was completely dark, which wasn’t bad, but the point of the different scenes was now lost. I liked the ride, but the lack of lighting really brought it down. John was obviously not happy with it either as we discussed on the brake run.

Being near Demon Drop, which I had missed on my first visit, we headed there next. The line wasn’t very long and we ended up getting a car all to ourselves.

Demon Drop-These drop rides scare me just as much as other Intamin drop towers that are much taller. Going up just makes me nervous, and the clicking and moving forward really freaks me out. But the drop is really good.

It was 10 PM and the nite time lights & fireworks show was going on, of which we saw a little of from the distance. We walked back to the Magnum entrance. My feet hurt from the stupid sandals I was wearing. John said he knew of a restaurant we could stop at about 20 minutes or so away and as we exited and headed to our cars, I followed him to the Blue Sky restaurant. Our waitress seemed preoccupied, a little too much for it being almost midnite. But the food was good. I had French Onion Soup & a Chicken Wrap. Both were very good. Eventually we left and soon after, I was asleep. I could have been on a pile of rocks that nite and been fine. I was sore and tired and just wanted to sleep.

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